Talk is cheap.

The time to act is now.

The need for significant change is inescapable.  A once in a generation shift.

The world will be what we make it.  All of us will be responsible for that reality.

A continuous evolution of demographics, shareholder expectations, consumer preferences and regulatory pressures will amplify this obligation.

This is why we regard Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) influences as the most profound challenge facing corporate behavior and capitalism in our lifetime.

But the crucial perspective is to see these changes as both our most important challenge and our single biggest opportunity.

It’s the reason why the need for reappraisal and tangible action has never been more obvious.

Radiant encourages that need. We embrace that need. We champion that need.

Because tomorrow’s investment winners and losers will be defined by the responses that we as an economic system make today.


It is no longer enough for capital market participants to passively go along with change; we must serve society and respect the vulnerable natural ecosystem that we all depend on

Radiant seeks to lead the way, proactively. To be an optimistic investor with a clear and purposeful philosophy.


Sustainable, long-horizon investing is wise. It will make the world a better place for all of us, and lead to better economic outcomes.

Our industry will win by looking beyond divestment and engaging fully with resource scarcity, regulations, and a social license to create and sustain value over the long-term.

Put simply, wealth is a two-sided coin.

We will do better by taking responsibility for what we do rather than what we say.


There is an obvious need for experienced women, people of color and other underrepresented groups to better reflect the constituents we serve and broaden decision making to improve long-term outcomes.

How much longer will our industry wait to act on evidence that diversity is linked to improved profitability, better employee retention and lower investment risk?

Let’s acknowledge that those who do not embrace a more inclusive mindset, serving all constituents, will be at a long-term disadvantage. That the cost of gender and racial inequality is something we simply cannot afford.

That is how true stewards of investment capital must now think.


Changing what we do today will create a better tomorrow.

And now is the time.

Radiant will advocate for the economic power of ESG influences and intends to lead the way by delivering compelling results that demonstrate that investment winners will be found at the intersection of strong fundamentals and compelling ESG profiles.

Our optimistic path dictates that we design portfolios with purpose, engage with companies to make investments matter, promote the value of cultural resilience and sustainable leadership.

Now is our time.

To embrace new ways of thinking and acting.

To see and shape the bigger system.

To champion what is vital and better.

And write a brighter future for us all.



To deliver superior returns for our clients by investing in companies that have both compelling company fundamentals and a clear ability to be or become relevant in a rapidly changing world.

To always make the same demand on ourselves to act on the belief that diversity and inclusion expands creativity, independent expression, and diverse opinions.


To create the asset management firm of the future, embracing ESG considerations as a necessity in building sustainable investment portfolios; at the same time, carving a path for women and minorities in this industry for generations to come.


To advance our industry’s vital public duty by motivating investors and compelling asset owners to understand and act on their capacity to make a meaningful difference in critical climate change, social practice, and governance issues.


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