Diversity is a competitive advantage,
not a quota or a statistic

“Diversity drives innovation – when we limit who can contribute,
we limit what problems we can solve.” 
—Telle Whitney

Radiant was started to leave behind the distractions and constraints of a legacy business, to foster innovation and promote flexibility and nimbleness in a world constantly navigating change and grappling with new information and tools.

We built our investment platform and shaped the culture of our firm so as to thrive in a future that is going to look very different from the past.  A cornerstone of this foundational principle is seeking to better understand how the world is evolving and our clients’ needs are adapting.  To that end, we intend to leverage diversity more meaningfully as a competitive advantage.

To fully appreciate and act on global transformational changes requires a diverse and inclusive view, a perspective to which our company is deeply committed.  It stands to reason that the more closely companies reflect the demographics of the constituents they serve, the more successful they will be in creating solutions that meet the evolving needs of their clients and customers. Diversity of input is also critical in building an investment capability that is forward looking and better positioned to succeed.

We aim to outperform other asset management firms by thinking and acting outside the limitations of their traditional approach. Our belief is that you cannot beat the index without implicitly rejecting it and looking always to evolve in step with a broader and more global economic and social marketplace.

Radiant is an organization built on inclusion and equity, where the contribution of every team member is valued. The financial services industry is overwhelmed by the legacy burden of business structures and equity ownership models that only serve to distract, misalign incentives and impair the cultural fabric. Many firms fall short by committing only to platitudes of inclusion, a disconnect between rhetoric and reality that often critically impairs sustainable alpha production.

At Radiant, we practice true transparency, inclusion, and equity alignment. We set out to be devoted to these principles at every level in the organization to provide an environment in which creativity and a culture of success thrive. Remarkable outcomes can come from capturing and nurturing this magical ethos, something that seems so elusive to our industry.

To deliver superior risk-adjusted returns and sustainable value creation for our investors, we will be dedicated to ESG principles, the power of diversity and the opportunity to drive positive change for a brighter future. Our belief is that companies that cannot or will not adapt to this outlook are certain to be disadvantaged in the long-term.

In a time of continuous change, we are an experienced team of investment professionals with different backgrounds and perspectives, able to be more comprehensive and forward-thinking in assessing the threats and opportunities that companies face.  We see a fiduciary duty to incorporate ESG considerations which have global implications for economic and social change. Without modeling the way, it rings hollow to demand our investee companies adhere to the same ideals.

By setting the standard for improved corporate governance and sustainable business practices we create long-term value and place the people and societies we serve at the heart of everything we do.

Our passion and determination act in concert with our values to leave our community better than we found it.
Join us.
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