Our Edge

The Radiant ESG Way

Call it what you may – “Next Gen ESG”, “ESG+”, or “ESG 3.0” – our method is unique, forward-thinking, and most importantly, results-driven.

We see a bigger picture. Evaluating the prospect of real change means looking outside of the normal information angles. We intend to be known and respected for a more comprehensive and robust approach to evaluating ESG and impact investment potential which means moving beyond a simple exclusions-based philosophy and away from a perspective anchored on ‘ESG Ratings’ to a more meaningful assessment of how a company’s actions, products, and path of travel gives rise to real-economy effects. We bring an ‘impact mindset’ to public equity investing – a necessity if we are to anticipate the changes arising from the move to a stakeholder orientation.

To be clear, our motivation for evaluating company-level ESG and impact characteristics in our investment process is driven by our desire to have as much material and actionable information within our stock picking process, not an effort to express personal, political, or ideological views in our portfolios. Let there be no doubt, we believe that considering ESG and impact in our investing will result in better risk-adjusted returns.

A key distinction is our focus on companies that are evolving with respect to their ESG bona fides. We are just as interested in the ESG leaders of tomorrow as those of today. 

Our adaptive ESG approach assesses the risks and opportunities facing companies through three important proprietary lenses:

ESG Mosaic™

A uniquely comprehensive framework that is :

Multi-source :

Granular information from a range of sources

Multi-concept :

Assesses a company’s entire ecosystem

Multi-dimensional :

Historical, point in time and evolution

Credible Intent™

Our proprietary assessment of the ‘believability’
of company commitments to ESG progress

Positive Change Model

Designed to identify :

ESG Leaders

ESG Evolvers

Impact Leaders

Through this robust assessment we derive insights into the
drivers of both real change and meaningful investment return

Voting and Engagement

As good stewards of our clients’ capital, we regard it as our responsibility to vote our shares and engage with companies directly. Information captured through our systematic engagement system becomes part of our proprietary ESG Mosaic™ data platform, further enhancing our understanding of the threats and opportunities facing the companies in which we might invest.


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